Julio E. Ibarra, Ph.D.
Assistant Vice President of Technology Augmented Research
julio at fiu dot edu





Professional Experience:

As the Assistant Vice President for Technology Augmented Research at FIU, Dr. Julio E. Ibarra is responsible for furthering the mission of the Center for Internet Augmented Research and Assessment (CIARA) – to contribute to the pace and the quality of research at FIU through the application of advanced Cyberinfrastructure. He is responsible for strategic planning and development of advanced research networking services, including the development and management of the AMPATH International Exchange Point for Research and Education networks. He is the Principal Investigator of the Americas Lightpaths (AmLight), an NSF-OCI International Research Networks Connection funded project (#OCI-0963053), which involves planning and implementation of high-performance international network connections to enhance U.S. e-science initiatives in Latin America. He has been PI and Co-PI on several other NSF grants to broaden participation in science and engineering research and education through the application of Information and Communications Technology.

Dr. Ibarra has been active in initiatives to advance networking and Internet technologies for the State of Florida. He is a board member of the Florida Lambda Rail, LLC – Florida’s research and education network initiative. He served on the Governor’s IT Florida Task Force subcommittee on Infrastructure and Technology Development, as a subject matter expert. He is co-author of the policy recommendation for the development of a Network Access Point (NAP) in South Florida to enhance the State’s e-Commerce opportunities with Latin America.

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Professional Preparation:

Florida International University
B.S. in Computer Science, 1983

Florida International University
M.S. in Computer Science, 1995

University of Twente, Netherlands
Ph.D. in Telematics and Information Technology, 2012


2014-Present Adjunct Professor, School of Computer and Information Sciences
2008-Present Assistant VP, Technology Augmented Research, CIARA
2005-2008 Executive Director, CIARA
2002-2005 Director, CIARA
1998-2002 Director, Network Engineering and Telecommunications
1994-1998 Associate Director, Department of Telecommunications

Selected Publications/Presentations:

J. Chung, J. Cox, J. Ibarra, J. Bezerra, H. Morgan, R. Clark, and H. Owen, "AtlanticWave-SDX: An International SDX to Support Science Data Applications," in Software Defined Networking (SDN) for Scientific Networking Workshop, Nov. 2015, pp. 1-7.

Julio Ibarra, Jeronimo Bezerra, Heidi Alvarez,Donald A. Cox, III, Michael Stanton, Iara Machado, and Eduardo Grizendi: "Benefits brought by the use of OpenFlow/SDN in the AmLight intercontinental research and education network" ,IM 2015 - 14th IFIP/IEEE Symposium on Integrated Network and Service Management, Ottawa, Canada, 11-15 May, 2015

Alvarez, Heidi L., Cox Donald A., Ibarra, Julio E. “Openwave: Collaboration Between Industry and Government”, Managing Critical Infrastructure in a Changing Natural and Socio-Economic Environment, 2014 ICPC Plenary Meeting , Dubai, 18-20 March,2014

J. Ibarra, "Impact of e-Infrastructure Stimulus on the Biodiversity Science Discipline: An Empirical Investigation", PhD thesis, July 2012.

C. Zhang, B. Liu, X. Su, H. Alvarez and J. Ibarra, "Integrating Heterogeneous Network Monitoring Data", Telecommunication Systems (Springer), vol. 37, no. 1, pp. 71-84, March 2008.

C. Zhang, B. Liu, X. Su, H. Alvarez and J. Ibarra, "An Experimental Approach to Integrating NetFlow Flow-level Records and NLANR Packet-level Traces", Proceedings of the 2nd International Conference on Internet Monitoring and Protection (IEEE Computer Society Press), Silicon Valley, July 2007.

C. Zhang, B. Liu, X. Su, H. Alvarez and J. Ibarra, "An Approach to Integrating NetFlow Flow-level Records and NLANR Packet-level Traces", US Provisional Patent (serial no. 60/937,687), Florida International University (invention disclosure IP-0704), filed June 29, 2007.

H. Alvarez, J. Ibarra, K. Kumar,C. Zhang, et. al., "CyberBridges: Integrating Advanced Grid Infrastructure with Science and Engineering", Proceedings of the TeraGrid Conference, Madison, Wisconsin, June 2007.

H. Alvarez, D. Chatfield, D. Cox, E. Crumpler, C. DCunha, R. Gutierrez, J. Ibarra, E. Johnson, K. Kumar, T. Milledge, G. Narasimhan, M. Sadjadi, and C. Zhang, "Cyberbridges: A Model Collaboration Infrastructure for e-Science", Proceedings of the the 7th IEEE International Symposium on Cluster Computing and the Grid (CCGrid), Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, May 2007 E.

Rubi, X. Su, I. Legrand, H. Alvarez, J. Ibarra, “Anatomy of an International Exchange Point: Distributed Network Monitoring Using MonALISA and NetFlow”, InterWorking 2006 Conference, Santiago, Chile.

H. Alvarez, J. Ibarra, “Experiences with the Digital Divide in Latin America”, 2003 Round Table on Developing Countries Access to Scientific Knowledge, The Abdus Salam ICTP, Trieste, Italy,

Synergistic Activities:

Florida LambdaRail Board
Southeast Universities Research Association (SURA) IT Committee
Latin American University Research and Education Networks Foundation Board
South American Astronomy Coordination Committee (SAACC)

Collaborators And Other Affiliations:

Casasus, Carlos; CUDI, Cox, Donald C.; Vanderbilt University, de Laat, Cees, University of Amsterdam, Chung, Joaquin; GeorgiaTech, Clark, Russell; GeorgiaTech, Fox, Luis; CENIC, Grizendi, Eduardo; RNP Sao Paulo, Morgan, Heidi; FIU CIARA, Johnson, Eric; FIU SCIC, Kantor, Jeff; LSST, Lara, Alejandro; REUNA, Liu, Jason, FIU SCIC, Lopez, Luis; USP Sao Paulo, Machado, Iara; RNP and UFF Rio de Janeiro, Newman, Harvey; Caltech Physics, Rodriguez, Jorge; FIU Physics, Rodriguez, Raúl Rivera; CICESE, Smith, Chris; AURA, Smith, Colleen Wint; CKLN, Stanton, Michael; RNP and UFF Rio de Janeiro, Utreras, Florencio; RedCLARA, Vallalon, Salma Jalife; CUDI.

Graduate And Postgraduate Advisor:

David Barton and John Comfort, School of Computer Science, Florida International University.

Kuldeep Kumar, Professor of Business, Erasmus University, Rotterdam, Netherlands and Ryder Eminent Scholar, FIU


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