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  February 2008

January 2008
FIGS '08 - January 23 - 25, 2008 at Florida International University's Wolfsonian Museum in Miami Beach, Florida. Get directions to the Woflsonian from Miami International Airport via this Google Maps page.

For more information please contact Irene Perez at (305) 785-3809.

April 2007

NSF CHEPREO Reverse Site Visit April 27th, 2007

Dr. George Walker Presentation  | [ view here ]

AGENDA CHEPREO NSF Reverse FIU Site Visit Meeting April 27, 2007
National Science Foundation, Arlington, VA & Video | Download Agenda

View the CMS Construction at Point 5 : YB0 Lowering CLICK HERE
[ Quicktime is needed to view the CMS Construction, download here ]

Credit: NPR |

Research News from NPR
Massive Particle Accelerator Revving Up [ Listen to this story... by David Kestenbaum ]
Click to read the article and/or listen

Credit: NPR |

March 2007

2007 External Review Presentations
Meeting Agenda Download
External Advisory Committee Introduction – Pete Markowitz Download
CHEPREO FIU Physics Update – Stephan Linn Download
CHEPREO UF Physics Update – Paul Avery Download
CHEPREO FSU Physics Update – Vasken Hagopian Download
CHEPREO Education and Outreach Update – Laird Kramer and Jeff Saul Download
Grid Education and Outreach -
Masoud Sadjadi, Eric Johnson, and Chi Zhang

Grid Education and Outreach
Sanjay Ranka and Laukik Chitnis, University of Florida
Chi Zhang and S. Masoud Sadjadi, Florida International University

CHEPREO Cyber Advisory - Julio Ibarra Download

February 2007


Down with physics: Giant CMS magnet goes underground at CERN
Download PDF

  Photos of the Detector Lowering:

External Advisory Committee Reports

September 2006

CMS Outreach, Visits and Media

February 13-17, 2006
Computing in High Energy and Nuclear Physics
Dates: from 13 February 2006 08:00 to 17 February 2006 18:00
Location: Tata Institute of Fundamental Research
  Homi Bhabha Road
Mumbai 400005

November 8, 2005
Alvarez slides for NSF Review Nov 8 2005

November 2005
CHEPREO: Educating Students and Enabling Physicist
Also, Chinese American Networking Symposium (CANS) 2005 (more)

October 3 , 2005
CHEPREO External Advisory Committee Meeting
Location: Health and Life Sciences Building 2, Room 5

March 30, 2005
CHEPREO NSF Site Visit (more)

NSF Review Powerpoint presentations
Physics Program Highlights
CHEPREO Physics (Feb. 05) Presentation Download
Pete Markowitz Presentation Download
Vasken Hagopian Presentation Download
Harrison Prosper Presentation Download
Vanessa Gaultney  

Education and Outreach Highlights
Physics Program Highlights
Laird Kramer, George O'Brien, Elliot Brown, Vanessa Gaultney, David Jones Presentation Download
Grid Teaching Presentation Download
Sanjay Ranka, Chi Zhang Presentation Download
Harrison Prosper Presentation Download
Vanessa Gaultney  

Cyberinfrastructure Update and CHEPREO Networking Update
Heidi Alvarez, Julio Ibarra Presentation Download

Related Activities in Networking and Grids
Harvey Newman Presentation Download

Network Monitoring Projects
Xun Su, Chi Zhang Presentation Download

Grid Computing Update
Harvey Newman Presentation Download
Grid Computing Update  
Ernesto Rubi Presentation Download
Jorge Rodriguez, Presentation Download
Paul Avery  

Update from Brazil
Sergio Novaes, Sao Paulo's UNESP, Brazil Presentation Download


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